A Warm Welcome from our First NIO House Outside of China—Epleslang, a Comforting Apple Drink, and a Worldwide Welcome!

28 september 2021 by NIO

NIO House Oslo's Signature Drink, Epleslang

Our signature NIO House features its café for our users to enjoy conversations with friends. You can read more about all of the amenities offered at our NIO Houses here.

In celebration of our highly anticipated opening of our first NIO House outside of China in Oslo, we have crafted a signature drink, "Epleslang." In Norway, "epleslang" is a timeless tradition passed down from generation to generation, where children walk around neighbors' gardens, picking apples. This is so prevalent that the Norwegians have a separate word for this activity in their language, "epleslang," meaning "apple picking." This word brings memories and emotions such as joy, care, and passion, which are worldwide emotions that NIO also deeply values.

Having apples as the main ingredient in the NIO House Oslo signature drink was an obvious choice. We have chosen to use a farm with local roots in Norway. The Ringi farm grows organic produce, and The Discovery Apple from Ringi used in our NIO Signature Drink is full of flavor, warm aromas and has a hint of strawberries.