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20 Jul 2021 by NIO

Kris Tomasson, NIO's VP of Design, to keynote at the ArtCenter College of Design's Virtual Car Classic on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. An alumnus of the world-renowned ArtCenter in Pasadena, Kris has built a successful career as a global design leader. We are honored that the ArtCenter has asked Kris to be a keynote speaker in its fourth episode of the Virtual Car Classic.

13 Jul 2021 by NIO

At the Beijing International Auto Show 2020, NIO unveiled its Navigate on Pilot (NOP) feature, making NIO one of only two automakers in the world to implement automatic navigation assistance. NOP with NIO OS 2.7.0 offers many advanced features. It can be used in the city and freeways, adjusts speed depending upon speed limits, switches lanes based on road conditions, and possesses offline mode.

06 Jul 2021 by NIO

At NIO, user experience is our top priority. Our users appreciate and value our performance development and design. The NIO 333 Formula E team has been bringing speed and excitement on and off the track. At the same time, we continue pushing the limits to bring the most advanced technology and design from the highest-level electric vehicles to our users.

23 Jun 2021 by NIO

We are honored to be a part of the excitement surrounding autonomous driving. What we have seen is that there are many different approaches in explaining this nascent technology and how consumers will accept it. After seeing the reviews of NIO's Navigate-on-Pilot, we had a few questions about the technology. We asked Jianyong Zhang, the Associate Vice-President of Autonomous Driving at NIO, a few questions about our approach.

17 Jun 2021 by NIO

Thank you for participating in our NIO 333 Formula E sweepstakes contest. We have received some great feedback nationwide. If you still want to win the chance to be at the New York City E-Prix to experience the speed of Formula E in person, we encourage you to submit your entry. The contest will run until June 25, 2021.