Why Norway is NIO's Doorway into Europe (and the World) Pt. 2

04 maj 2021 by NIO

1 day until NIO Norway press conference

The nexus between technology and design has always been at the core of NIO's DNA. We believe that design and technology should be pure, human, sophisticated, and progressive. 

Because Norwegians are technologically savvy, we are excited to learn their views about NOMI (the world's first in-vehicle artificial intelligence), NIO Navigate on Pilot autonomous driving technology, and our Firmware-Over-the-Air offers the ability to perform updates to our vehicles over the air (just like your phone can update, your car can update, too!).

Our users can provide real-time feedback via NOMI about any issues with their experience in the vehicle. It's one of many ways we keep in close contact with our users. We also have the NIO App, NIO House, and clubs that form our users' interests. At our past NIO Day events, our users even joined in song to share their experiences.

We are excited to become a part of the Norwegian community!